Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Few Words...Much Said...The Art of Quotations

I have a host of volumes on quotations, some better than others, but all of them give inspiration from time-to-time. What I love about quotes is the fact that in very few words, they say much. Every word within a quote is well-appointed and perfectly placed, which makes quotations Word Art!

One day I was standing waiting for my daughter in the magazine aisle at Publix grocery store when a book of quotes caught my eye. “The Complete Book of Zingers” by Croft M. Pentz. The subtitle is “Over 5000 Perfect One-Liners.” As I stood there reading and laughing I quickly looked at the back to see the price (expecting it to be high since it was a grocery store versus a book store), but it was only $9.99. Cool, I thought, another gem for my collection!

Here are a few from that book. Hope you like ‘em!

“There is no free tuition in the school of experience.”

“There is nothing like a little experience to upset theory.”

“People who make a hash of things are generally struggling with yesterday’s leftovers.”

“To err is human, but when the eraser wears out before the pencil, you are overdoing it.”

“Life is like a camel, it never backs up.”

“I would rather be hurt, than do hurt.”

I don’t know what it is about quotes, but they have a way of cutting through a matter. One in particular that really made changes in me was, “I’d rather have the pain of discipline and not the pain of regret.” Interestingly enough I had a friend who hated that quote…she said it made her mad. She never did elaborate on why, but after about three times I never said it to her again.

Another one that’s helped over the last few years is “Skinny tastes better than sweets,” by Tony Robbins. That one little thought can redirect you…away from Fudgy Pudgy Swirl ice cream, and towards healthy fruit. Of course he has many one-liners he uses being the guru of Personal Power. He uses them to prod, stir, inspire, and just plain tick you off towards change–whatever it takes to keep you focused in a move-it-forward direction.

Years ago (100s and 1000s) grown-ups would use short inspirational quotes to help children improve their character. I think it still works, but sadly we’re more into filling kids’ heads with information and facts…we’re not overly concerned with character that much anymore; unless the kid is getting into trouble, that’s a different story altogether. (Maybe if more time had been spent on the character development, trouble wouldn’t have reared its ugly head.)

Anyway...stepping down from my little soap box there, the bottom line is that quotations can quite literally forge tremendous change in a person’s life; at least the right quotations. After all, what inspires one person may not inspire another…as was proved with my friend and that quote I so dearly love.

Copyright 2010 Gloria Jean Dewitt

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