Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lady Gaga Versus Pink

Lady Gaga Versus Pink ...The variables!

Is Lady Gaga cosplay gone wrong? Or just an updated version of Cher? After all, at the peak of Cher's career she wrote the book on living "fashion outside the box!" Of course lots of people thought she was strange, but everyone enjoyed her romp through fashionista fantastico, and I think the same holds true for Lady Gaga.

People appreciate anyone willing to live life with flair, and when they have a sense of the ridiculous it bumps it up a few notches. We mere mortals have to wear turtle necks and blue jeans...LG gets to throw caution to the wind and express herself for all it's worth!

Pink, on the other hand, writes songs with angst and raw "take me or leave me" grit! She says what most people wish they could say, and inspires people to embrace themselves...flaws and all. A message that we all need at some time or other.

She may not be as daring in her duds, but her music can swing your soul's pendulum and give you inspiration to carry on. Her fashion statements are more an expression of her personality and personal preferences versus making the statement "you'll never see anything like this again!"

Both write great songs, but LG's seem to be more geared towards dance, while Pink's are more message oriented. And it seems like Pink wants to share who she is and what she's come from much more than LG. In a way, I almost feel like Lady Gaga  is hiding herself musically and becoming too much of a persona versus an artist.   I have to wonder how she feels about that, after all, any musician who works hard at their craft wants to be praised.

The bottom line is this, they both are very talented and should have long careers ahead of them, but LG might have to become more real in order to sustain hers.  People might find her wardrobe choices interesting for awhile, but will eventually want more substance. Any thoughts?

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