Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Watch Young Learners Go From Zero to Hero

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of books to home school my daughter, who is now almost eighteen and preparing for her GED.

One series that proved pivotal to her gaining ground were the Peggy Kaye “Games For” books: Games for Math, Games for Writing, and Games for Reading. Of course now there are even more books in the series, but when my daughter was younger there were just 3 or 4.

Because my child was one of those learners that wanted everything to be fun it was a far bigger challenge to get her motivated. I had to think of creative ways to even get her interested. So the Peggy Kaye books were a God-send because they had a multitude of ideas and games to engage my child.

The book on math uses simple games to stimulate learning and is particularly great for those kids that have actually become afraid of math. This book is like a magic wand that says, “fear be gone!”

Games for Writing is every bit as good, with lots of creative ways to stimulate your child. Here’s a review from Amazon, I think it says it all:   

“I am both a writer and former English teacher (besides being the mother of two), so I maybe prejudiced, but I think writing is the most important thing children learn in elementary school. Once they get to high school, in most subjects it will not make any difference how much they know if they can not get clear thoughts down on paper. If you have a child struggling with writing, this is a very useful book. Some school districts get so obsessed with mechanics (spelling, punctuation, etc.) that the kids rarely practice doing any real writing. Others are more creative, but never seem to get around to things like spelling, punctuation and handwriting. In contrast, the approach Peggy Kaye uses is perfectly balanced. She is full of ideas for encouraging creativity, but also full of painless, even fun ways to practice spelling and penmanship. Both of my kids have loved games from this book, and ASKED to play them. They have no idea how much they are learning, they just enjoy the games. I have looked at a lot of books like this, and I have not seen any that are nearly as good.” (Submitted by bluemama to Amazon.)

All of the Peggy Kaye books are rated 4 and 5 stars and they have a host of positive reviews! So if your child is struggling with reading, writing, or math in any way, there is no need for them to feel discouraged or stupid; which, by the way, many children do feel when they’re not “getting it!”

I remember the first book series that my daughter wanted to read: The A to Z Mysteries, a fabulous series of books for young readers…and if your child loves mysteries, these may just be the books to motivate! I thought to myself, ‘she wouldn’t have even gotten to this point without those Peggy Kaye books.’

So it’s all about getting them to learn in a way they enjoy…tapping into their likes and interests. Finding their Zen regarding learning! Letting them fit neatly into the box that is uniquely them, and not someone else.

My daughter struggled with learning to read, but finally found success when she started reading things she was really interested in. So sometimes we have to drop our agendas and curriculums in order to make it work and help our child/children. My daughter now loves to read and write, and is currently working on a blog that focuses on her interest in Japanese Anime. If I had tried to fit her in the “normal” box, she may never have come to this point!

So if your child feels like a failure regarding school, don’t lose heart, just arm yourself with some Peggy Kaye books and watch your child go from ZERO TO HERO academically! Your mother’s or father’s heart will thrill over the changes that take place, and your child will LOVE LEARNING!!

Copyright 2010 Gloria Jean Dewitt

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