Monday, May 9, 2011

Cool Baby Names

Looking for a cool baby name? An unusual baby name? A baby name that is a little something outside-the-box? Last names can be very interesting first names. Here are a few to get you thinking, and I’ve also put some first name/last names in the parens just to give you an idea of how they can sound.

Baker (Baker Simpson, Baker Cauldfield)

Baxter (Baxter Arnold, Baxter Blaine)

Blake (Blake McGee, Blake Mitchell)

Butler (Butler Branch, Butler Davis)

Chisholm (Chisholm Grant, Chisholm Franklin)

Dewitt (Dewitt Davis, Dewitt Donaldson)

Farland (Farland Wayne, Farland Gable)

French (French Rivera, French Farnsworth)

Gable (Gable Gibson, Gable O’Brian)

Hart (Hart Mitchell, Hart Jackson)

Hill (Hill Mallory, Hill Davies)

Johnson (Johnson Reed, Johnson Baxter)

Lowry (Lowry Lawson, Lowry Lincoln)

McCall (McCall Myers, McCall Mason)

Merrill (Merrill Tanner, Merrill Stow)

Montgomery (Montgomery Macon, Montgomery Matlock)

Watts (Watts Rialto, Watts Wayne)

Webster (Webster Wilhelm, Webster Rheingold)

Whittier (Whittier Green, Whittier White)

Hope this has been helpful, but if you still haven't found THE name you want, why not check out the Baby Names Dictionary or the products below.

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