Thursday, July 28, 2011

Basia, Time and Tide is Still a Great Album!

Recently I came across the CD Time and Tide by Basia. I owned it many moons ago (when I was much younger and filled with a bit more vigor ... okay, I'm not ancient, I'm just middle aged and plucking out chin hairs ... too much information, right?!) ... at any rate, it evaporated into thin air over the course of time, so I went ahead and bought it.

How glad I am that I did, cause I've been dancing to it over the last few days with a smile on my face!

The happy jazz melodies make my soul feel light and MOST of the tunes are dance-worthy. My favorites are Promises, Run for Cover, Freeze Thaw, and New Day for You. So if you've never heard this album and you like upbeat dance music, you will love Basia.

Here's a Youtube video to introduce you to her: Basia, Time and Tide and here is a link to buy her album:

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